Monday, April 15, 2013

Zappos! Satisfaction Indeed

Satisfaction, satisfaction, and oh yeah satisfaction. This word is what the company Zappos uses as a gauge for there employees and something to strive for. Zappos likes to consider and see themselves as a "family. " Zappos likes to focus on their ten commandments. The focus is to get through the good times and the bad, kind of like a family.  Here everyone has access to the same files as the executives and everyone is encouraged to present new ideas, and according to CEO Tony Hsieh, most of the ideas come from the bottom up.  If everyone is considered equal and they all hang out together then it creates a bond unlike any other work experience. Hsieh encourages his managers to take his team out to dinner. This allows for close relationships and makes the work environment feel more like home.

Deal and Kennedy talk about successful companies and what they believe is needed: a strong unified culture.  Yes there are many backgrounds and also many cultures within the Zappos family, but they are all working for the same philosophy. That philosophy is to work hard while having fun and being weird. All the employees are given free reign to try new ideas for the company and also when applying themselves to customer service. One customer asked the employee to only speak in third person. This adds satisfaction to the employee and the prospect, which in return gives a positive outlook on the company.

Zappos likes to follow the New science approach to communication in organizations. The New Science theory looks at companies and organizations that are finding new and innovative ways to run an organization. This idea keys in on issues like  participation in organizational processes (having a say in the company), working on personal relationships, and having equal access to information and sharing that with everyone. My teacher in my Population and Environment class is using the SOLE (self organized learning environment) approach. This is a more interactive and actively involved approach with the hope that we enhance our creativity rather than being limited to facts and memorization. I feel the SOLE learning approach and the culture of Zappos can integrate to create a welcoming learning environment that promotes creativity and efficiency.

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  1. I really like the positive tone to this entry. You did a good job connecting Zappos to New Science. You could also weave in a more explicit discussion of organizational culture, especially in the first paragraph. After reading this, I want to know more about the SOLE approach your professor is using! How does s/he implement this in the classroom (examples would be great!)? How specifically might that translate to the workplace?