Monday, April 22, 2013

What Culture Can do for You!

For my fiance and I, a weekly froyo trip is a must. To be honest before I started dating her I was much more into the real deal and got ice cream. I realized it was time for me to live a healthier life style and so since I still loved ice cream I figured froyo was the best way to go. Over the weekend we went to the very popular Yogurt Extreme ( Now especially here on campus the one on Monroe is very inhabited by college students. If you want a quick easy snack or lunch to meet a friend, Yogurt extreme is the place to go. When you walk in you are plastered with pink. The pink is everywhere. Pink walls, pink spoons, pink bowls, and the workers either wear pink shirts or black shirts with pink in them. Pink is a bright happy color and to me sets the mood of a happy and fun place while it can also be relaxing. Another cool artifact that is impossible to miss is the happy customers on the TV. There are two TVs with a slide show of past customers. Every customer is smiling and clearly living it up at yogurt extreme.

I love the culture their because they are laid back and very friendly. I saw another blog by one of our classmates Michael Beckstead about Jimmy John's ( .

I know Jimmy John's and Yogurt extreme are much different I do believe they have the same positive culture.  Every employee seems genuinely excited to see you and tries to have a rapport with you. They are always willing to talk about their favorite ice cream and toppings and ask us what we like as well. Its an inviting atmosphere. I assume that most of these employees were hired for their peppiness and overall charismatic attitude. You can also get this sense of culture from their motto of "Selling happiness by the ounce!" I love this place and I will always be a repeat visitor.

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  1. Now I'm craving some froyo too! Nice description of the artifacts. Could you provide more insight regarding the communication between employees and/or between employees and customers? How does the fact that Yogurt Extreme is locally owned and operated affect their culture and the way they do business? I think it's great that you mentioned Michael's blog! The link, however, opens the power point on org culture from class last week. So just double check that any links you include are correct.