Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dave Leding, WAR Stories

I loved Dave's lecture. It wasn't even a lecture really. It was a compilation of stories and applicable experiences to what we have been studying for communication in organization. I like his balance of totalitarianism and letting the workers figure things out for themselves. Like Dave said at some point as the boss you have to be the one to make a decision for your workers rather than letting them have a say. But typically he let them figure things out for themselves. I can't remember where it is that he worked but he said it took 3 and a half years to get employees at the plant he was managing to actually get his employees to believe in the workers having a voice philosophy. Some people didn't like it but at the same time it made workers happier and more efficient. Didn't always provide more profit but it did provide satisfaction and they got paid for their skills rather than position.

I was impressed with Dave's knowledge of workplace relationships. He has a plethora of experience and I think that made it much easier to convey relevant communication topics . Lean Manufacturing was kind of eye opening. I know we have heard team approach but to hear about it first hand and actually see the results was exciting.

Dave had a very vibrant personality and I love that. He enjoyed public speaking and I would love to have his confidence when speaking to groups. Over all his confidence was extremely high and it helped him gain approval with his employees. His employees felt comfortable enough with him to play practical jokes which really enhanced the atmosphere and allowed for a great team working environment.      

I learned that you need to have a balance between letting your employees make decisions, and when to step in and be the boss. When it comes to safety, as a boss you need to be straight forward and strict. Safety should never be taken lightly.

I found the lean manufacturing quite interesting and so here is an example of lean manufacturing in a Kentucky plant.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0_ktNqbQyU                                     

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  1. I'm glad you got a lot out of Dave's presentation!